Tuesday, April 24, 2012


As many people are diversifying their traditional asset portfolio’s, there are always some red flags to look out for when buying gold. Let’s look at some important factors when you want to start building you gold portfolio with gold coins or  medallions.

1)      Which company to work with?

One of the questions that would be valuable to ask is: how long has the company that I want to spend my hard earned cash with, been in business?

How are they rated by different consumer groups?

2)      Stock variety?

Does the company you want to work through have a wide selection of gold coins available?

Do they have well informed consultants that will be able to assist you with information regarding each gold coin or medallion?

3)      What are the delivery options?

When you buy physical gold, does the company you are buying from have a delivery option or can they assist you in storing your purchase with an independent storage facility.

It is recommended that you use a company that can easily accommodate you with one of these options.

4)      You want personalized service!

Look for a company that offers in-house experts. You may want them to answer questions on coins and assist you with building your gold coin portfolio.

Ultimately it is not really a question of should you diversify with gold, it’s a question of how soon do you want to start and which company will you be working with?


  1. Great tips to keep in mind. Timing really matters in investing in gold.

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  2. hi Ahnn, yes timing matters when you are looking at putting your money into Bullion gold, but not so much when you are buying Collectable Medallions!